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This project seeks to better understand the humanitarian impact of continued forcible transfer of the Bedouin communities living in the so-called ‘E1’ on the Jerusalem periphery, occupied Palestinian territory, and how impunity for violations of international law contributes to the deterioration of humanitarian vulnerabilities. Through qualitative enquiry, combining desk-based research and interviews with key stakeholders, the project will gather a significant body of evidence to highlight the ongoing deleterious impact of repeated violations of international law, including international humanitarian (IHL) and human rights law (IHRL) (and impunity for violations) on the Bedouin communities of E1.

The main objectives of this project are threefold:
i. To better understand the humanitarian vulnerabilities of Palestinian Bedouin at risk of forced displacement in 'E1', an area of the West Bank allocated for the expansion of Israeli settlements, which are both violations of IHL as well as proscribed by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
ii. To ascertain the effects of impunity for international law violations, including of IHL and IHRL, driving protection risks in E1;
iii. To analyse the role of the international courts in improving humanitarian protection outcomes for the target community - the Bedouin and herder communities in E1 - through accountability for past abuses and in deterring future violations.

This project will be implemented in conjunction with in-country partners based at Al Quds University and Community Action Center / Human Rights Clinic in Jerusalem.

The project consists of 3 main strands:

(1) academic stream, leading to academic output in law and cognate disciplines.

(2) in-country stream, to gather primary research data in the targeted communities.

(3) policy-facing stream, to communicate findings to international policy actors.

Palestinian Bedouin at Risk of Forced Displacement
Palestinian Bedouin at Risk of Forced Displacement